Jim Green - Sound Art Installations
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock
Denver International Airport Train Greeting"Laughing Escalator"   
Colorado Convention Center  
Denver, Colorado                  "Talking Drinking Fountains"Laughing EscalatorTalking VestibuleMusical Warning BeaconsSoundwalkTrain CallAmplified FloorUnpluggedUnplugged
Artist Statement

I have used sound as my primary medium for thirty years and since 1984, focused on site-integrated work in public. The intent is to playfully integrate unexpected sound into existing environment. I am drawn to common environments and find them successful sites for my playful style of public art. My people-oriented approach uses sound to engage the public with humor and surprise to produce a social, interactive experience. I believe public art functions best when it humanizes public space. I also have extensive design team experience which includes teamwork with other artists, architects, engineers, contractors, administrators and community.